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A Complete Logging Solution

The DEX Dendrometer Data Logging System is comprised of a GP1 data logger and (2) DEX electronic dendrometers and can be used to monitor plant growth rate or stress levels over long periods of time. The system can operate completely unattended. The GP1 data logger offers a self-contained solution for monitoring DEX electronic dendrometers, soil moisture and weather sensors. Data can be monitored and displayed in real-time or output to a PC using the supplied RS-232 serial data cable.

The DEX Electronic Dendrometers can be clamped on stems or fruits (citrus, apples, plums, etc.) and can measure very tiny changes in stem or fruit diameter (~0.004 mm). A trend upward represents the growth rate of the plant, whereas a leveling off or trend downward indicates plant stress. This way, growers know when, and how much stress the plants are under. This information can then be used to schedule irrigation or fertilizer applications, as well as keeping track of growth rates over time.

Complete Plant Growth Monitoring Solution
  • Weatherproof for field applications
  • Comes complete, programmed and assembled
  • Can be used on plant stems or fruits
  • Battery life (9 volt) typically one year
  • Works with Laptop PC or PDA
  • Import data into Excel spreadsheets easily
  • Options for adding soil moisture or weather sensors
Easy Installation

The DEX dendrometers are connected to the GP1 data logger using a twist-lock connector and extension cable. The dendrometers are then clamped onto a stem or fruit using a screw adjustment knob and suspended with a mono filament string to keep the weight of the dendrometer from pressing on the plant. Thereafter, the change in stem size influences the dendrometer output, which directly converts to mm or inches of expansion from the zero point. A calibration multiplier may be loaded into a logger command, as well as the zero offset, and readings are output directly in mm or inches of change. This data can be stored in the data logger memory or output to a PC or PDA device.