• WS-GP1 Weather Stations
    The WS-GP1 Weather Station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, so.
  • DL6 Data Logger
    The DL6 is a dedicated soil moisture logger optimized for use with Delta-T soil moisture surface or .
  • WS-GP2 Weather Stations
    The new advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger..
  • SM150 Soil Moisture Sensor
    The SM150 Soil Moisture Sensor delivers ?3% accuracy in soil moisture measurements to researchers a.
  • WET Sensor
    The WET Sensor is use to monitor Water content, pore water EC and Temperature directly within the so.
  • AM350 Portable Leaf Area Meter
    The AM350 is a compact and portable leaf area meter suitable for the accurate, non-destructive measu.
  • SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer
    The new SPN1 measures Global (Total) and Diffuse radiation and Sunshine Duration in one instrument!.
  • ML3 - ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor
    The new ML3 ThetaProbe has extra features, improved performance and a new look. With its 1% accuracy.
  • FLDL Sap Velocity System
    There is a need for a proven and affordable device to continuously monitor the sap flow rate in tree.
  • Flow32-1K Sap Flow System
    Sap flow and transpiration rates provide commercial benefits from accurate irrigation schedules, imp.
  • Lambda T (Solar Science)
    The Lambda T to be used for unattended measurement and control of CO2 in conditions of elevated CO2 .
  • Net Radiometer type NR2
    Net radiation is an important quantity governing evapotranspiration from surfaces and vegetation. .
  • CCM-300 Chlorophyll Content Meter for very small leaves
    The new CCM-300 is the world's first cost effective solution for the non-destructive measurement of .
  • CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter (soil Science)
    The CCM-200 plus is the world most advanced chlorophyll content meter providing fast, accurat ....
  • GFL-1a Portable Liquid Fluorometer
    Fluorometric assays are a proven, very reliable and accurate technique for determining and quantifyi.
  • Moisture Meter type HH2
    The Moisture Meter reads and stores measurements taken with the Delta-T soil moisture sensors..
  • PGA Portable Gas Analyser Simple
    The PGA Portable Gas Analyser is a self-contained portable measurement device for a wide range of ge.
  • Profile Probe type PR2
    The Profile Probe measures soil moisture content at different depths within the soil profile..
    The Vapro osmometer brings unprecedented simplicity, convenience, and accuracy to the routine dete.
  • AP4 Leaf Porometer
    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour..
  • AM350 Portable Leaf Area Meters
    The AM350 is a compact and portable leaf area meter suitable for the accurate, non-destructive measu.
  • FLGS TDP XM1000System
    FLGS-TDP XM1000 is the newest completely integrated measurement system for TDP sap velocity sensors..
  • HCFM Hydraulic Conductance FlowMeter
    The Hydraulic Conductance Flow Meter (HCFM) is designed to perform quantitative root and stem analys.
  • HEMI9-Hemiview-Forest Canopy Image AnalysisSystem
    The self-levelling mount SLM9 is intended for use with either a tripod or a monopod. It helps keep a.
  • LCiSD
    The LCi-SD is our smallest, lightest and most user-friendly portable photosynthesis measurement syst.
  • LCPro- SD Advanced Photosynthesis Measurement System
    ADC BioScientific has a reputation for designing the world’s easiest to use gas exchange instrume.
  • OS1p Ultra -Compact Chlorophyll Fluorormeter
    Os1p ultra compact is a battery portable system designed for plant stress field research..
  • OS5p Advanced Modulated Fluorometer
    Chlorophyll fluorescence can be used to measure most types of plant stress and also enables the deta.
  • OS30P+ Plant stress meter
    Rapid Plant Stress Screening Device An enhanced, hand-held device for Fv/Fm and OJIP analysis..
  • SS1-SunScan Canopy Analysis System
    Sun Scan uses field measurements of PAR in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf .
  • SSR11 Pyranometer ISO First Class
    The SSR11 is a research grade solar radiation sensor (otherwise known as a pyranometer), intended fo.
  • Win-3 DIAS Leaf Area Image Analysis System
    Win DIAS provides a flexible resource with countless laboratory applications - from simple leaf area.
  • iFL Integrated Fluorometer and Gas Exchange System
    The iFL offers researchers new levels of automation, accuracy and versatility in a compact and light.
  • EQ3 Equitensiometer
    The EQ3 Equitensiometer is an improved replacement for the EQ2 model.A new built-in temperature sens.
  • DEXDendrometers
    The DEX20, DEX70, DEX100 and DEX200 are highly precise electronic dendrometers that measure the grow.
  • DEXLOG Dendrometer DataLogger System
    The DEX Dendrometer Data Logging System is comprised of a GP1 data logger and (2) DEX electronic den.
  • SapIP Wireless MeshNetwork
    The Sap-IP sap flow system solves many field data collection issues with a state-of-the-art wireless.
  • SNR01 NetRadiometer
    The SNR01 incorporates four separate sensors for measuring total global and surface reflected short-.

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