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DL6 Data logger

The DL6 is a dedicated soil moisture logger optimised for use with Delta-T soil moisture sensors. It can be used with combinations of Theta Probes and Profile Probes and also accepts raingauge and soil temperature probe inputs. It is well suited to both research applications and irrigation monitoring. DL6 Loggers include a novel accelerated logging feature to allow the tracking of wetting fronts



DeltaLINK Software allows DL6 users to benefit from the convenience of PDA compatibility. This provides an optional in-the-field solution, allowing users to:

- collect and graphically view data in the field
- analyse data and reconfigure the DL6
- download data for transfer to a PC
Full software functionality is available with any iPAQ 2200 Series PDA, running Pocket PC v4.2.


As you would expect from Delta-T, the DL6 is tough and passes a 1m drop test. It is environmentally sealed(IP67) and can be used in the field without any further protection. To minimise the need for opening the case, data is collected via a weatherproof external RS232 socket, and the status of the logger can be checked using a vibration-activated LED.


6 Differential analog channels
1 Temperature channel
1 Event counter channel
1 Alarm output channel

  • Complete logging solution with battery power and weatherproof case
  • Package includes Windows programming software supports real-time graphical display
  • 16,000 readings storage
  • Relay controlled alarm output
  • Accelerated logging feature triggered by raingauge or event input

Soil Moisture Logger with 6 Soil Moisture Channels, Temperature and Rain Gauge Channels and Versatile Relay Channel


The DL6 package includes the following:

  • DL6 Logger with alkaline batteries and DL6 to PC serial cable (DL6-RS232)
  • CD with DeltaLINK-PC software

Optional accessories:

  • Mounting Kit (DL6-MKT1) 1 m stainless steel post, mounting plate with fittings.
  • Spares Kit (DL6-SP) fuse, desiccant, battery holder, cable glands, bungs & O-rings.
  • Spare Alkaline batteries (DL6-BAT)
  • Spare Lithium batteries (DL6-ELB)
  • Pocket DeltaLINK, software and cable (PDLK1-M12)for iPAQ Pocket PC (PPC-1). Allows viewing, analysing and downloading data in the field, with full control of DL6 logger.