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WS-GP1 Weather Station for wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air temperature, rain and solar radiation

Quick Start Guide Version 1.0 Delta-T


The WS-GP1 Weather Station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and rainfall.

Apart from the wind vane tail, the sensors are already attached to the cross-arm and connected to a GP1 Logger with a weather station program installed.

This guide explains how to choose a site, install the mast, mount and align the cross arm, add the wind-vane tail and align it to North. Then, using a PC or Windows Mobile Device we show how to change the weather station program, check the sensor readings, then acquire and display readings.

1 Unpacking

Check your contents against your order. You should have a cross arm fitted with a GP1 logger pre-wired to:

  • Wind speed and direction sensor D-034B-CA
  • RH and air temperature sensor RHT3nl-CA
  • Solar energy flux sensor PYRPA-03
  • Rain gauge RG2+WS-CA

You should also find the following:

  • Sensor user manuals
  • GP1 Quick Start Guide and screwdriver
  • Allen keys - 5/64 inch for the wind vane and 2.5 mm for light sensor levelling mount
  • Spanner for the mast
  • GP1-RS232 serial cable
  • Delta-T Software and Manuals CD including DeltaLINK PC version 2.3 or later

You may also have the following:

  • Tripod mast M2-TRPD or some other mast to mount on
  • Guy wire support kit WS-GWSK

Other tools you may need:

  • Spirit level for ensuring mast is vertical
  • Pick axe and shovel if the site needs preparing for the mast
  • Mallet for ground stakes if used
  • Steps, box to stand on, or mirror, to see bubble level on light sensor
  • PC running DeltaLINK-PC or PDA running Pocket DeltaLINK version 2.3 or later