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chlorophyll content meter

The new CCM-300 is the world's first cost effective solution for the non-destructive measurement of chlorophyll content in very small leaves and other difficult to measure intact samples.

The OSI CCM-200plus has established an outstanding reputation for the accurate and reliable determination of chlorophyll in broad leaves. However the absorption technique employed requires that the measuring area is fully covered by the sample, so restricting its use on many plant species.

New fluorescence technology

The CCM-300 uses a well established chlorophyll fluorescence technique, where light is absorbed at one wavelength and is re-emitted at a longer wavelength. This technique does not require the measuring aperture to be fully filled, allowing very small leaves, curved leaves and very thick samples to be measured quickly and non-destructively.

Recent advances in technology developed for the CCM-300, has significantly reduced the cost of this traditionally expensive technique.

Proven scientific principles

The design of the CCM-300 is based on the work of Gitelson* (1999) using the ratio of fluorescence at 735nm/700nm to determine chlorophyll content. Each measurement takes only 5 seconds to perform and is presented as Chlorophyll Fluorescence Ratio (CFR) or as a relative chlorophyll content in mg m-2. There has proven to be a high degree of correlation to traditional chemical assays using this technique.

Battery portable and easy to use

Weighing only 275gms the CCM-300 is a lightweight, hand-held field portable instrument.

Powered by two AA rechargeable batteries, the power efficient CCM-300 will operate for up to 8 hours between charging.

Programming and operation is via a colour, touch screen display.