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Check your contents against your order and any packing lists. You should have:

  • DL2e fitted with any of the following options:
  • input cards LAC1, ACD1, LFW1, DLC1 and/or ACS1
  • case height extensions if ordered
  • Ls2Win PC software on CD and Tutorial Kit
  • Serial cable type LRS1 for DL2e to PC communication.
  • Spares and Accessory pack
  • The following optional accessories are supplied packed separately (if ordered)
  • Attenuator card type LPR1
  • Input Protection Card type LPR1V
  • Rechargeable battery pack type LBK1
  • Battery charger
Many compatible sensors are available – too many to list here!Overview

The DL2e can log up to 128,000 readings on up to 64 channels. It has a wide choice of input cards for recording DC & AC voltage, resistance, counts, frequency and status. The software is easy to use and supports most sensors. GSM modems and automatic data collection is possible from remote sites. It is battery powered, weatherproof, rugged and portable. Weather station packages and evapo-transpiration software are available.

Install Ls2WinWhat you need:
  • A PC running Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, or a later version
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or later for the Excel Dataset Import Wizard
  • One free RS232 serial port, or USB-RS232 adapter
  • CD ROM drive for software installation
  • A minimum of 10MB of available hard disk space
  • DL2e to PC RS232 cable (supplied with DL2e).
  • Ls2Win software distribution disk (supplied with DL2e)
  • Acrobat Reader for reading documentation (free download from www.adobe.com).
To install Ls2Win:
  • Insert the distribution disk into your CD drive.
  • If the Setup program doesn’t start automatically, run Setup.exe on the CD.
  • Setup installs a program group named Ls2Win on the Programs menu, including the following:
  • Online Documents folder - note the Release Notes and Hardware Reference
  • New DL2 Control Panel, to communicate with your logger
  • DL2 Program Editor, to create and view logging programs
  • Dataset Viewer, to inspect files containing files of logged data
  • Dataset Import Wizard, to import data into Microsoft Excel.
Start New DL2 Control Panel
  • Connect the DL2 to the PC’s serial port using the supplied serial cable.
  • Double click on the New DL2 Control Panel icon on your desktop.
  • A DL2 Connections Properties dialog box will open. Click Help for comprehensive online Help. Click OK to accept the default settings offered.
  • A Save DL2 Control Panel As dialog appears. If you have several loggers on modem links, create a separate control panel for each, with its own phone number and desktop icon.
  • Click Save to accept the default MyLogger.dl2 file name.
  • The control panel now creates a shortcut to itself on the desktop and retrieves and displays status information about the logger.

DL2e –Data logger