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1 Unpacking

The DL6 package includes the following:

  • DL6 Logger with alkaline batteries and DL6 to PC serial cable (DL6-RS232)>
  • CD with DeltaLINK-PC software
Optional accessories:
  • Mounting Kit (DL6-MKT1) – 1 m stainless steel post, mounting plate with fittings.
  • Spares Kit (DL6-SP) – fuse, desiccant, battery holder, cable glands, bungs & O-rings.
  • Spare Alkaline batteries (DL6-BAT)
  • Spare Lithium batteries (DL6-ELB)
  • Pocket DeltaLINK, software and cable (PDLK1-M12) –for iPAQ Pocket PC (PPC-1). Allows viewing, analysing and downloading data in the field, with full control of DL6 logger.
Compatible sensors:
  • One Profile Probe type PR2/4, PR2/6, PR1/4 or PR1/6 (see note*)
  • or up to six SM200 Soil Moisture Sensors (SM200)
  • or up to six ML2 Soil Moisture Sensors (ML2x/w-05)
  • and one temperature sensor – e.g. 2K thermistor (ST1)
  • and one rain gauge (RG1 or RG2)

The DL6 is a nine channel logger with: 6 differential analogue channels suitable for soil moisture sensors, one resistance channel suitable for a 2K thermistor, one event counter channel suitable for a rain gauge, and one versatile relay channel. Up to 16000 readings can be stored.

3 Sensor WiringProfile Probes

Profile Probe PR2/4 and PR2/6: use the PR2 to DL6 cable (PRC/M12-05) or choice of extension cables (no wiring–up required). Do not connect any other sensors to channels 1-4 or 1-6 respectively.Profile Probe PR1/4 and PR1/6: Wire according to the colours printed beside the terminals. Do not connect any other sensors to channels 1-4 or 1-6 respectively. See the online PR1 Wiring Instructions Guide in the DeltaLINK Document Library folder.