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FLGS - TDP Sap Velocity System

FLGS-TDP XM1000 is the newest completely integrated measurement system for TDP sap velocity sensors. The new XM1000 version of our TDP Sap Flow System includes the latest Expanded Memory Datalogger platform and extended features such as real-time sap flow calculations and auto zero. Each FLGS-TDP system can read up to 32 TDP10/30/50 sensors. This basic system can be expanded with an additional subsystem to read an additional 32 sensors. Each TDP thermocouple is connected to a differential channel on the logger. All the necessary electronics, software and sensors are assembled into a full and complete solution.

New XM1000 Model Includes

  • Advanced data logger with easy programming, data storage and retrieval capabilities - CR1000
  • 2 MB data memory, for up to 500,000 data values, or 200 days of hourly records for a full 32 sensor system
  • Built-in Program computes sap flow for specific trees
  • Automatic night time Zero set. Saves processing time
  • Input settings for sap wood area and tree indexing by leaf or stem area.
  • Power down, power saving for nighttime, power reduction
  • Multiplexer for expanded channels
  • High-efficiency, 90%+, voltage regulators for sensor heater power. Heater voltage monitoring included
  • Two AVRD voltage regulators, supply 4 different voltages
  • Six open channels for weather or soil sensors. Custom programs available for engineered sensor solutions

In addition to the standard FLGS system, customers may add other sensors such as soil moisture, dendrometers, temperature, or solar radiation. Available channels include: six differential (or 12 S.E.) channels, two pulse channels, and one SDI-12 port. Adding sensors requires modification to the logger program. Please contact Dynamax for additional program and customer configuration quotes.

Communication Options

FLGS-TDP Sap Velocity logger offers a variety of communication choices between the logger and user?€?s PC. PC400 software provides direct communication by RS-232 (included) or point to point MODEMs by RF or by cellular phone. GSM cell phone modem packages, provide remote dial-up data retrieval. Radio modules are available to provide RF communication over 20 miles line of sight.