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The GP1 package contains:

  • GP1 Logger (with 9V alkaline battery fitted)
  • GP1 to PC serial cable
  • CD with DeltaLINK-PC software and documentation
  • This GP1 Quick Start Guide
  • Screwdriver and optional security screws (to replace thumb screws)
The following accessories are available:
  • GP1 Mounting Kit (GP1-MP1) – stainless steel mounting plate with fittings
  • Pocket DeltaLINK software and cable (PDLK1-M8) – for iPAQ Pocket PC.
  • External power cables (various) – for powering the GP1 from 12V to 24V DC
  • Network cabling and connectors – for networking up to 10 GP1 or DL6 loggers
  • GP1 Expansion Box (GP1-EB1) – for attaching more than 4 cables to the GP1
  • Annual maintenance kit (GP1-AMK1) – contains battery, desiccant, M8 connector cover, etc
  • GSM Modem System – for remote data collection from GP1 or DL6 loggers
  • Precision Bridge Adapter (GP1-PBAx50) - for tensiometers and bridge sensors
The following sensors are supported:
  • Temperature sensor – ±0.20C 10k thermistor with 5m lead (ST4-05), 10m lead (ST4-10)
  • SM200 Soil Moisture Sensor (SM200) – four may be fitted
  • ML2 Soil Moisture Sensor (ML2x/w-05) – two may be fitted
  • BF3 Sunshine Sensor (BF3) or SPN1 Sunshine Pyranometer (SPN1)
  • Rain gauge (RG1 or RG2)
  • WET sensor (WET-2) - one may be fitted
  • Tensiometers (SWT3, SWT4 & SWT5) - two may be fitted, require GP1-PBA1 adapters