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The self-levelling mount SLM9 is intended for use with either a tripod or a monopod. It helps keep a camera and fisheye lens aligned to the horizon and North. This is necessary when taking hemispherical photos for use with Delta-T?€?s HemiView canopy analysis software. The SLM9 is designed for use with the Canon 60D digital SLR camera with a Sigma EX DC 4.5mm F2.8 circular fisheye lens.

For ease of use, the mount is equipped with the following features:
  • Bubble level and adjustable levelling weights
  • Compass for North/South alignment, viewable from above or below
  • Markers used to align hemispherical photos in HemiView, illuminated by the camera flashgun
  • Optional rugged carrying case
  • Optional monopod or tripod
Assembly Instructions

Complete Systems supplied by Delta-T

Complete HemiView systems supplied by Delta-T come with camera, memory card, lens, flash assembly and self-levelling mount pre-assembled. Charge up and insert the camera battery.

Mount the self-levelling mount to a camera tripod or monopod. The system is now assembled.

See also Assembly of HemiView System Parts on page 7

Quick Summary of Operation

    1. Mount system on a tripod or monopod.
    2. Orient it to North using the compass.
    3. Level it using the bubble level and balance weights.
    4. Select appropriate camera settings.
    5. Avoid camera wobble using the self-timer, or a remote control (not supplied), or a laptop PC running the Canon EOS Utility image capture software.
    6. Use the live preview and review options in the camera, or on a PC, to check the image is OK.
    7. Replace the camera lens cover after use.
    8. Open, review, annotate, classify and sort images on your PC in Canon ZoomBrowser software, as required.
    9. Process and analyse selected images in the HemiView software on your PC.
    For step 9 refer also to the HemiView User Manual and online help.

    Assembly of HemiView System Parts

    1. If you have a tripod, attach the SLM9 Self Levelling Mount to the tripod for stability, using the tripod socket in its base.
    2. Attach the Sigma EX DC fisheye lens to a Canon EOS 60D camera as described in the camera and lens manuals.
    3. Charge and install the camera battery as described in the camera manual.
    4. Fit a memory card as described in the camera manual.
    5. Set the lens to Manual and focus ring to Infinity as described in the camera and lens manuals.
    6. Release the built-in flash (p. 129 of the EOS60D Manual) and slide the SLM9 flash adapter clip over it.
    7. Attach the camera base to the self levelling mount
    8. Remove all (i.e.both parts) of the lens cap
    9. When attaching the camera, ensure that the gold line on the lens is parallel to the surface of the inner gimbal ring.
    10. Push the two alignment marker fibre optic cables into the holes in the flash adapter.