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iFL Integrated Fluorometer and Gas Exchange System

ADC Introduces the world most advanced, combined, gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence system available. The iFL offers researchers new levels of automation, accuracy and versatility in a compact and lightweight unit.

Despite it is diminutive size, the iFL gives plant scientists a research grade photosynthesis system combined with a uniquely powerful, pulse modulated fluorometer.

Several hours of automated experimentation can be initiated with one press of the screen. For example a complete Laisk protocol may be performed together with post processing, directly followed by automated experiments to measure gm and Cc including A/Cc curves. The highly power efficient iFL operates continuously from a single battery charge for up to 8 hours.

The iFL is the first plant physiology system to measure leaf absorptance, leaf transmittance and chamber leakage (Flexas protocol), automatically removing any errors that these variable factors could introduce

As well as providing the "standard" photosynthesis parameters of photosynthesis rate, transpiration rate, stomatal conductance and intercellular CO2, the iFL offers additional parameters including:

  • Γ*: CO2 compensation point
  • Rd: CO2 respiration in the light (by Laisk, Kok or Yin protocols)
  • Flexas chamber leakage protocol
  • Leaf absorptance
  • Leaf transmittance
  • gm: Mesophyll conductance
  • Cc: CO2 at site of carboxylation
  • A/Cc curves
  • J: Electron transport rate
  • Fluorescence stress tests including: Fv/Fm, Yield Y (II) with multiflash, quenching tests and rapid light curves