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Lambda-T – Co2 Monitor:

Accurate CO2 monitoring and Controlling.

The Lambda T is a highly accurate CO2 monitor employing a novel twin wavelength infrared gas analyser. This technology provides highly stable analysis, enabling the Lambda T to be used for unattended measurement and control of CO2 in conditions of elevated CO2 such as greenhouses, growth chambers, open top chambe ,environmental chamber & Extr..

The twin wavelength detection system means the Lambda T is very specific for CO2, with no cross sensitivity to other gases and highly stable, essential for long term measurements.

  • Continuous CO2 monitoring
  • Reliable IRGA technology
  • Variety of measurement ranges
  • Sample pump
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

Lambda T CO2 ranges

0-2000 ppm - Standard
0-3000 ppm

Clear CO2 display

The Lambda T features a four digit LCD and alarm set point controls. 4-20mA or 0-20mA linear or non-linear outputs are provided.

Low maintenance

Fitted with an internal sample pump, the Lambda T is supplied ready to be wall or front panel mounted. Operating on 88-138VAC or 172-276VAC. The Lambda T requires low maintenance with only the simple replacement of a long life hydrophobic filter and a yearly calibration recommended. Designed for long-term unattended operation the Lambda T is both reliable and robust,housed in a tough plastic IP54 rated enclosure


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