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ADC BioScientific has a reputation for designing the world easiest to use gas exchange instrumentation. The LCpro-SD has been developed to provide researchers with the highest level of sophistication with the easiest to use interface. It is also simple to maintain with many serviceable parts easy to replace in the field.

Operation and experimental programming is fast and straight forward using the new LCpro-SD microprocessor. Complete functionality is achieved with just five keys driving a series of simple and intuitive menus. No separate "bolt on PC or laptop is required.

Experienced researchers and novice users can quickly and easily program and perform sophisticated gas exchange experiments such as light response curves and A/Ci curves.

All real time photosynthesis data, calculations and graphs are clearly presented on a large, high definition, liquid crystal display.

In addition to classical photosynthesis and transpiration calculations, the LCpro-SD provides soil respiration calculations, including NCER, when the soil chamber is employed.

Graphic display

Experimental data can be presented on the real time graphic display. Parameters may be plotted against time or record number. Two parameters may also be plotted against each other, such as in the case of A/Ci curve experimentation.

The LCpro-SD features a number of new and expanded graphing functions further enhancing the versatility and interactivity of the system.

Interchangeable chamber heads

The LCpro-SD is available with an expanded range of interchangeable heads for the widest range of experimental applications. These chambers are easily and quickly exchanged by hand in the field.

Boundary layer resistances and concentration gradients are minimised irrespective of which head is in use. Chamber materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that there is minimal interaction with CO2 or water vapour. Chamber windows are silica coated to reduce scratching. On fitting, each chamber is autoconfigurable, removing the requirement for complex reprogramming whenever a different head is used.

The LCpro-SD chamber is simple to operate with a thumb trigger opening mechanism. All areas of the chamber are easily accessed for cleaning.