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Plant stress research tool

Chlorophyll fluorescence is a proven optical based technique for measuring plant stress. This is achieved by assessing a plant ability to utilise available sunlight in the photosynthesis process. Most types of plant stress can be measured in this way.

The OS1p is the most portable and easy to use research chlorophyll fluorometer yet. Incorporating the latest fluorescence technology and user interface features, the OS1p sets a new benchmark for plant stress experimentation.

The OS1p employs the proven pulse modulation fluorescence technique, where a rapidly pulsing excitation light is used to induce a corresponding pulsed fluorescence emission. This fluorescence is measured at a longer wavelength than the excitation light. This fluorescence intensity is plotted against time in a variety of experimental protocols. The sophisticated detection system distinguishes between the pulsed response and the non-pulsed light, allowing both ambient light and dark adapted experiments to be performed.

The OS1p can perform the most commonly used and widely respected fluorescence tests such as Fv/Fm, Photosynthetic Yield, ETR, NPQ and rapid light curve. The new Multi-flash test ensures reliable data even at high saturation light levels.

Truly field portable

Weighing just 1.4kg, this robust, battery portable system offers up to 12 hours of continuous operation from a single charge.

Large integral data storage

Data can either be stored in a large 1Gb internal memory, capable of storing thousands of test data sets and traces, or on removable SD memory cards.

Once back in the laboratory, data is quickly and easily transferred to a PC via USB or directly from the SD cards.

The OS1p is supplied, as standard, with an open body cuvette, 10 dark adaption cuvettes and both a carry bag with strap and a durable ABS transport case.

An optional algae cuvette is available.

A wide variety of plant stresses can be quickly and easily analysed using the OS1p.

The OS1p has been designed with a high degree of automation. Full programming and operation is achieved by a series of menus on a large backlit, colour, touch sensitive screen.

Common stress tests are pre-programmed into the OS1p, greatly simplifying the experimental set up. These routines can be easily changed by the researcher whilst in the field. No separate PC device is required.