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Selectivity, sensitivity and repeatability

The PGA Portable Gas Analyser is a self-contained portable measurement device for a wide range of geoscience research applications. It is available for measuring a wide number of gases in a wide variety measurement ranges.

One gas, such as CO2, can be measured by single beam infrared technology providing unparalleled selectivity, sensitivity and repeatability for such a portable device.

For measuring a second gas, such as oxygen the PGA can be fitted with an electrochemical analysis cell. The PGA features an integral sample pump and an autozero. The PGA is simple to use and calibrate. RS232 is provided for real time monitoring and recording.

True field portability

The new PGA is the latest addition to the ADC BioScientific range of Geoscience research analysers. Weighing just 5kg and offering 8 hours of continuous use, the battery operated PGA is set to offer new levels in portability and performance for a field portable gas analyser.

CO2 analysis

Probably the most commonly analysed gas in related geoscience, environmental science and atmospheric science studies is CO2.

The PGA is available in ranges from 0-2000ppm CO2 to 0-100% with a resolution of 0.5% full scale deflection (fsd). This corresponds to10ppm resolution for the 0-2000ppm instrument.

The PGA suitable for a wide range of experimental studies including elevated CO2 studies, atmospheric CO2 monitoring, FACE experimentation and measuring high concentrations in natural CO2 springs.