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Grower Dashboard – Map View

  • Field irrigation management, and monitoring in interactive graphics display
  • Account management with password access to field specific data.
  • Data history saved for full year – growing season.

Interactive Graphics Presentation

  • Data charts are defined by the customer to show latest days, weeks, or any specific historical period.
  • Typical moisture and field weather data displayed.

Detail Irrigation Block Field View

  • As the grower reviews sensors in each block, the location is identified in a satellite picture.
  • Moisture trends can be compared to sap flow, transpiration stress, weather and projections for water or harvest needs.

Network – Gateway – 100 % Proven Technology

  • Integrated Gateway package ensures security, flexibility, and full range of Gateway Functions
  • Fully supported Engineered Package, provided with custom DIA – Device Integration Application - device drivers by Dynamax.
  • Device Interface and WEB based communication, monitoring and reliability controls.
  • All tools are structured for Dynamax Engineering team to support field installations quickly, and interactively.
  • We always have a engineer monitor the signals, sensors, data integrity and start collection before the installer leaves the field. 100 % Success first time.

Network – Monitoring

  • Interactive Node and Gateway consoles on map overlays with key information, battery status, communication, and signals.
  • Additional layer of communications tools for device discovery, node additions, repositions

Field Monitoring – Device Control

  • Factory Designated channel management.
  • Sensor cables are preconfigured before shipment.
  • No Field installation changes, add batteries and solar panels.
  • Channel definition and sensor conversions are set at the factory, but can be modified for field conditions, soil type, and a variety of sensor manufacturers.


  • The Gateway collects and forwards all radio data to servers.
  • Gateway data transmitted with optional Cellular GPRS package.
  • Data can be transmitted with LAN if on site internet accessible
  • Fully integrated wireless sensor meshnetworking platform.
  • Self-Healing Network. Typical 10 min to 1 hr data collection.
  • 50 SapIP Nodes per Gateway Net (PAN)
  • LAN – Data port – standard data retrieval
  • Cellular Data Retrieval for remote sites – with annual data service subscription.
  • Data Retrieval tool without WAN network provides csv files backups.