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The SNR01 is a research grade four-component net radiometer, intended for global energy balance studies. The instrument incorporates four separate sensors for measuring total global and surface reflected short-wave (SW) solar irradiance, and the down/up-welling far infrared long-wave (LW) radiation components.

Performance advantages of the SNR01 Net Radiometer over competing models include: reduced instrument weight, decreased FIR sensor/pyrgeometer window thermal offset error, and an integrated two-axis leveling assembly for improved in-field level adjustment. The SNR01 is suitable for measuring all four separate radiation components of the surface energy balance via a set (two each) of short-wave pyranometers and long-wave pyrgeometers. Employing entirely passive thermopile-based sensing technology, the SNR01 generates four low level DC millivolt output signals proportional to the incoming and outgoing solar short-wave and FIR long-wave radiative flux. A PT100 RTD temperature sensor is integrated into the radiometer housing for accurate calculation of the sky and surface temperatures. The SNR01 also incorporates an integrated heating element which can be cycled on for dew and frost deposition prevention (for improved LW measurement accuracy under adverse climate conditions). The SNR01 signal cables can be easily installed and replaced by the user.


  • Agrometeorology (evapo-transpiration)
  • Climatology (global energy balance)
  • Highway Safety (road surface temperature)
  • Material Testing (insullation efficiency & material degradation)