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Portable canopy analysis system for crops

(Leaf Area Index Non Destructive Indirect Method.)

Sun Scan uses field measurements of PAR in crop canopies to provide valuable information about Leaf Area Index and biomass production.

Measures incident and transmitted PAR in plant canopies
Direct display of Leaf Area Index (LAI)
Direct and Diffuse components of incident light
Usable in cloudy, clear and changeable conditions
Portable, weatherproof and battery powered

PAR measurements As a Line Quantum Sensor

Sun Scan can be used as a portable line quantum sensor for measuring levels of photo-synthetically active radiation. The probe has an array of 64 PAR sensors embedded in a 1m long probe, and is connected via an RS-232 cable to a handheld PDA. As a reading is taken, all the sensors are scanned and the measurements are transmitted to the PDA.

The average light level along the probe is calculated, and all of the individual sensor readings are available if required for detailed PAR mapping.

An operating button on the probe handle enables successive readings to be taken quickly and simply on demand. Alternatively, unattended logging can be conducted under program control from the PDA. Readings are in units of PAR quantum flux (μmol m-2 s-1) and units of LAI (m2.mdiation (PAR) in plant canopies.

Fractional Interception

You can also measure what fraction of the solar radiation is being intercepted by a plant canopy. For best results include a BF5 Sensor.

PAR Mapping

You can rapidly find average levels of PAR beneath the canopy, or make linear transects of the PAR distribution within a canopy.

Auto-logging and Linear Quantum Sensor modes

You can leave Sun Scan unattended, automatically logging variations in PAR at one place. Data may be logged either to a PDA, or to an analogue data logger. PDA logging is best, the Autolog utility giving the most measurement options.

If used with an analogue data logger, SunScan functions as a line quantum sensor with a single analogue output.