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The WET Sensor is a multi-parameter sensor for use in soils, composts and other artificial growing media. It measures the dielectric properties of the soil and calculates:

♦ Water Content
♦ Electrical Conductivity
♦ Temperature

The sensor converts the measured dielectric properties into Water Content over the full range, 0 – 80%, using calibration tables. Generalised calibrations are provided for most common soil types, and specialised calibrations are available as separate cost options for a number of artificial substrates.

The WET Sensor also calculates Pore Water Conductivity, the Electrical Conductivity of the water within the pores of the soil (ECp). Its calculation is based on a unique formula that minimises the effects of probe contact and soil moisture on the readings.

Temperature is measured using a miniature sensor built into the central rod. The WET Sensor is designed to be used with the HH2 Moisture Meter, but can also be interfaced to control systems for fertigation control.

Advantages of the WET Sensor

  • Rapid measurements (~5 seconds) of all 3 parameters
  • In situ Pore Water Conductivity measurements
  • Easy insertion into growing media and soil
  • Calibrations available for many soils and growing media
  • Stable, accurate readings from
    0 to 80% water content
    0 to ~600 mS.m-1
    0 to 40°C
  • Lightweight ergonomic design