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Anthocyanin is a red/purple flavonoid pigment found in photosynthetic tissue, flowers and fruit. Its primary

functions are:
  • Attracting pollinators
  • "Sunscreen” against photoinhibition and high light stress
  • Protective camouflage against herbivores

Anthocyanin is found in high concentrations in many berry related species.

Research has suggested that anthocyanin may have potential human health benefits in the restriction of the development of some cancers.


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Non-destructive and battery portable

The ACM-200plus is the world’s most advanced anthocyanin content meter providing fast, accurate and reliable determinations on intact plants.

The battery portable ACM-200plus provides anthocyanin content determinations in the field without the need for destructive laboratory sampling. Specifically designed for fast field screening, each measurement takes only 2-3 seconds to perform.

Anthocyanin content is expressed in ACI (Anthocyanin Content Index) units.

Data averagingData may be made as:
  • Single measurements
  • 2-30 measurements averaged (with graphing)
  • 10-30 measurements averaged with applied sigma 2 standard deviation to exclude rogue data points (with graphing).