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Check your contents against your order and any packing lists. You should have:

  • Check your contents against your order and any packing lists. You should have:
    input cards LAC1, ACD1, LFW1, DLC1 and/or ACS1
    case height extensions if ordered
  • Ls2Win PC software on CD and Tutorial Kit
  • Serial cable type LRS1 for DL2e to PC communication.
  • Spares and Accessory pack

The following optional accessories are supplied packed separately (if ordered)

  • Attenuator card type LPR1
  • Input Protection Card type LPR1V
  • Rechargeable battery pack type LBK1
  • Battery charger

Many compatible sensors are available – too many to list here!


The DL2e can log up to 128,000 readings on up to 64 channels. It has a wide choice of input cards for recording DC & AC voltage, resistance, counts, frequency and status. The software is easy to use and supports most sensors. GSM modems and automatic data collection is possible from remote sites. It is battery powered, weatherproof, rugged and portable. Weather station packages and evapo-transpiration software are available.

DL2e –Data logger

DL2e is a versatile, programmable field data logger, well suited to remote site, industrial and laboratory applications. Easy to operate, the DL2e system offers a wide choice of sensors, logging intervals, data collection and analysis facilities.

  • Battery powered, weatherproof, rugged and portable
  • Logs DC, AC, Resistance, Counter, Frequency and Status channels
  • Simple GSM Modem connections and automatic data collection from remote sites
  • Memory for up to 128k readings
  • Easy programming with new Ls2Win 32-bit Software

Standard Capability and Expansion

As standard, the DL2e includes a 15/30 channel DC analogue input card, 4 resident channels (2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs), and memory for over 64,000(64k) timed readings. An extra RAM chip extends this to 128k readings. Input cards and extra RAM are easily fitted by the user. The channels can be expanded up to 60 Channel by including additional 3 Nos. .15 Channel Input Card.

Suitable for most sensors

The DL2e measures DC and AC voltage, current, resistance, logic state, pulse train and contact closure inputs, in almost any configuration During programming, each channel can be set up with an individual sensor type and range, a data conversion characteristic, reading frequency from 1second to 24 hours, and limits above or below which a flag is set or an output relay switched.

Logging sequences may be started at a preset time and date, or by an external event, and can be repeated as many times as desired. The DL2e also provides for sensor excitation and warm-up, control outputs, and malfunction warnings.

Standard Application of DL2e Logger :

Standard Weather Monitoring Parameters, Muti Point Soil temperature and Moisture Measurements ,Open Top Chamber – Co2-Air Temp-RH – Soil Temp & Soil Moisture Parameter and also parameters in the temperature elevation Chamber/Tunnels

For more application please call or mail us.