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Introduction to the Moisture Meter


The Moisture Meter reads and stores measurements taken with the following Delta-T soil moisture sensors:

  • ThetaProbe, types ML2, ML2x & ML1
  • SM200 soil moisture sensors
  • Profile Probe, types PR2 and PR1
  • Equitensiometer, type EQ2
  • WET sensors

The meter can display and store, where appropriate, the following values for the measured readings:

  • raw data as milliVolt reading (mV)
  • soil wetness
  • soil water deficit (mm)
  • pore and bulk conductivity
  • bulk permittivity
  • temperature

Equitensiometers can only be read in mV.

Readings include the time and date for later collection from a PC.

Readings may be averaged. Note: averages cannot be stored for later collection from a PC.

The meter is easy to carry and operate with one hand.