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The Profile Probe measures soil moisture content at different depths within the soil profile. It consists of a sealed polycarbonate rod, ~25mm diameter, with electronic sensors (seen as pairs of stainless steel rings) arranged at fixed intervals along its length.

When taking a reading, the probe is inserted into an access tube. The access tubes are specially constructed thin-wall tubes, which maximise the penetration of the electromagnetic field into the surrounding soil.

The output from each sensor is a simple analogue dc voltage. These outputs are easily converted into soil moisture using the supplied general soil calibrations or the probe can be calibrated for specific soils.


  • The Profile Probe is dual-purpose each probe can be used both for portable readings from many access tubes and for installation within one access tube for long-term monitoring.
  • Fully sealed and robust.
  • High accuracy: ±4%.
  • Easy installation with minimal soil disturbance.
  • Large sampling volume ~ 1.0 litres at each profile depth.
  • Simple analogue output, 0 to ~1.0 Volts
  • Works reliably even in saline soils