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Safety instructions and warnings

Electrical installations must comply with the safety and EMCrequirements of the country in which the system is to be used. Please note that any damage caused by handling errors are out of our control and therefore are not covered by guarantee. Tensiometers are instruments for measuring the soil water tension, and soil water pressure and are designed for this purpose only.

Please pay attention to the following possible causes of risk:

  • Lightning: Long cables act as antennas and might conduct surge voltage in case of lightning stroke – this might damage sensors and instruments.
  • Frost: Tensiometers are filled with water and therefore are sensitive to frost! Protect Tensiometers from frost at any time. Never leave Tensiometers over night inside a cabin or car when freezing temperatures might occur! Tensiometers normally are not damaged when the cup is installed in a frost free soil horizon.
  • Excess pressure: The maximum non destructive pressure is 300 kPa = 3 bar = 3000 hPa. Higher pressures - which might occur, for example, during insertion in wet clayey soils, whilst measuring shear force, or during refilling and reassembling - will destroy the pressure sensor!
  • Electronic installation: Any electrical installations should only be done by qualified personnel.
  • Ceramic cup: Do not touch the cup with your fingers. Grease, sweat or soap residues will influence the ceramic's hydrophilic performance.
  • Do not twist the SWT5 shaft against the sensor body!