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Summary of Features

The Energy Sensor type ES2 is intended for solar energy studies in natural unobstructed daylight. Uses include measuring the incident solar radiation (in W/m2) on buildings and solar collectors, for example, or as a reference for crop canopy measurements with tube solarimeters.

The Energy Sensor type ES2 is an improved version of the former sensor type ES, with the following features:

  • Millivolt output with preset, standard sensitivity
  • Data logger compatible
  • High stability, low temperature coefficient silicon photodiodes
  • Self cleaning, stay-dry diffuser with water drainage slots
  • Good cosine response with infinity-error correction ring
  • Screened twin core cable
  • All-aluminium body with weather resistant anodising
  • Internal calibration adjuster for annual recalibration
  • Lower purchase and recalibration cost

The sensor can be supplied with optional levelling mounting plate, or an adapter for mounting on the top of the standard Delta-T weather station mast.