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There is a need for a proven and affordable device to continuously monitor the sap flow rate in trees of various sizes. For this reason, various sap velocity sensors are installed on the trunks and stems of trees and plants. Extension cables carry the sensor heater power, and route the sensor signals to a data logger contained in the enclosure. In general, the logger is sited close to the sensor so that the cost and vulnerability of extension cables is minimized. Dynamax will supply customized systems that include different numbers of TDP and soil sensors. Each TDP system has the following:

  • Memory for 64K readings
  • RS-232 interface
  • Data retrieval and analysis software
  • Battery and charger, 110 V - 60 Hz / 220 V - 50 Hz
  • Fiberglass enclosure with panel mounting hardware
  • TDPJ1 installation kit
  • Solar panels (optional)
  • FLDL - TDP Sap Velocity System

    The DL2e data logger offers a wide choice of sensors, logging intervals, data collection and analysis facilities. It measures DC and AC voltage, current, resistance, logic state, pulse train, and contact closure inputs in almost any configuration. You can have up to 4 LAC1 analog input cards set to 15 input channels each allow it to be expandable up to 60 each TDP-30, or 30 each TDP-80 sap flow probes.

    Sap-velocity sensor heater voltage must be initially set up to a particular
    voltage level. Thereafter, fine adjustments of the voltage may be needed for optimum performance. The Dual Adjustable Voltage Regulators (AVRD) for two TDP sensor types within the FLDL-TDP system can handle up to 60 probes. It has two adjustable outputs, each capable of powering a large number of sap velocity sensors at the same voltage.

    DL2e Datalogger Features

    • Battery powered, weatherproof, rugged and portable
    • Expandable by the user to meet changing needs
    • Easy programming with Ls2Win Software