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Dynagage Respected Throughout the World

The Dynagage Flow32-1K Sap Flow system and Dynagage sensors have been servicing research plant scientists throughout the world for over 10 years. The Flow32-1K software makes working with Flow32- 1K sap flow system easier than ever before with built-in algorithms for efficient and faster data analysis. New powerful functions include auto-zero and sensor status built into the datalogger program. Sap flow data recalculation and automatic charting with an Excel Macro link makes the system a superior water relations measurement system. Sap Flow has never been this easy and powerful.

Dynagage sap flow sensors are the most accurate and reliable sensors available for measuring plant sap flow. Dynagage is now a key technique in modern water management, hydrology, crop studies, plant water relations, and biomass production.


Sap flow measurements have an almost unlimited number of applications. Sap flow and transpiration rates provide commercial benefits from accurate irrigation schedules, improved irrigation set points and real crop ET coefficients. Sap flow is key data to model annual forest growth rates and conduct environmental remediation projections. After all, who can tell better than the plant how much water is consumed under varying conditions.

Below are examples of research and commercial industries where the Flow32 Sap Flow System is actively applied:

Agriculture Agroforestry
Crop Physiology Environmental Sciences
Forestry Genetic Engineering
Horticulture Hydrology
Irrigation Mining Rehabilitation
Orchards Phytoremediation
Urban Forestry Viticulture


  • Real-time sap flow
  • Direct transpiration readings
  • 8 months of data memory capacity for sap flow calculations
  • Modular and expandable system NEW and Improved Features
  • Auto Ksh, auto zero algorithm built in
  • AVRD high efficiency regulator
  • Easy to use logger support software, PC400
  • 4 MB Data storage memory