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BF5 Sunshine Sensor optics design and theory are Copyright © 1996 John Wood, Peak Design & Development, Winster, Derbyshire, U.K. and protected by Patent Nos. EP1012633 & US6417500.


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CE Conformity

The BF5 Sunshine Sensor conforms to EU regulations regarding electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility and is CE marked by Delta-T Devices Ltd.

For certificates look on our website at www.delta-t.co.uk , or the Delta-T Software and Manual CD.


To maintain conformance to CE standards, the equipment must be used as described in this manual. Modifications to the equipment may invalidate CE certifications.

Delta-T Devices Ltd reserves the right to change the designs and specifications of its products at any time without prior notice.


John Wood, Edmund Potter, Stephen Nobbs, Nick Webb.