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Powerful research tool

The OS5p is a fourth generation OS portable Chlorophyll Fluorometer. It is the most powerful portable research fluorometer yet.

The OS5p employs the proven pulse modulation fluorescence technique, where a rapidly pulsing excitation light is used to induce a corresponding pulsed fluorescence emission. This fluorescence is measured by the OS5p at a longer wavelength than the

excitation light. The fluorescence intensity is measured and plotted against time. The sophisticated detection system distinguishes between the pulsed response and the non-pulsed response allowing both ambient light and dark adapted experiments to be performed.

Chlorophyll fluorescence can be used to measure most types of plant stress and also enables the detailed analysis of the photosynthetic process. The OS5p offers more testing protocols than any other portable chlorophyll fluorometer.

These experiments include fast tests such as Quantum Photosynthetic Yield Y(II) and Fv/Fm and longer analysis tests including both Puddle and Lake kinetic protocols.

Changing the perception of modulated fluorometers

If you have a perception that sophisticated pulse modulated fluorometers always have to be bulky, heavy and complex to use, ADC BioScientific Ltd. would like to introduce to you the compact OS5p Field Portable Fluorometer.OS5p Portable pulse modulated chlorophyll fluorometer.

Truly field portable

The OS5p sets new levels in portability and performance for a modulated fluorometer.

Weighing just 2.3kg, this robust battery portable system, offers up to 20 hours of continuous operation from a single charge.

The OS5p is supplied with a carry case and shoulder strap.