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The Vapro osmometer brings unprecedented simplicity, convenience, and accuracy to the routine determination of osmolality to help meet the demands placed on today "s clinical laboratory.

Auto-calibration, a self cleaning thermocouple, self-diagnostics, statistical analysis, and computer interface/printout capabilities make the Vapro osmometer a must for any busy laboratory. The small sample requirement allows you to assay hard-toget or expensive samples using the superior characteristics of the vapor pressure method.

Why Vapor Pressure?

"Vapor pressure measurement is the fastest and easiest method of determining osmolality, and the thermodynamic limitations of vapor pressure osmometry are least restrictive. For these reasons, vapor pressure osmometry is the method of choice for most fluids in biology and medicine in which water is the solvent."

The vapor pressure method determines osmolality at room temperature with the sample in natural equilibrium. This precludes cryoscopic artifacts due to high viscosity, suspended particles, or other conditions that can interfere with freezing point determinations, giving Vapro a much broader range of error-free applications.

The fundamental advantages of vapor pressure osmometry are now embodied in the most intelligent osmometer ever produced. Wescor"s Vapro® offers an intuitive approach that frees you from intensively "managing" an instrument.

Superb Accuracy

  • Unsurpassed by any other method, error is less than 1% in the clinical range.

Self Cleaning

  • Self-cleaning thermocouple reduces maintenance and improves performance.

Trouble-free Self Diagnostic Operation

  • Few moving parts, no mechanical adjustments, no mechanical breakdowns.
  • Automated circular sample slide and chamber locking operation, which places all the controls on the front panel.
  • Built in clock records and displays a date code for each sample result.

Easy Calibration

  • A push of a button automatically sets the calibration parameters.


  • Low initial cost, no expensive proprietary supplies.